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Flex Silky White Tenga Flex Silky White Stroker. Make masturbation better. Red Dot Design Award Winner for 2018. The Tenga Flex spins, sucks and embraces with its unique spiral ribbed casing. There are two varieties to enjoy, each with different internal details and material strength! Gentle spiralling ribs embrace with delightful suction. Time to unwind. Flexible spiraling sensations. Tenga Flex lose yourself with the spiraling sensation. The Tenga Flex include some of our most popular reusable masturbators! How to use: remove the Stand Cap and lubricate the insertion point and inside of the Elastomer Sleeve. After use, remove the Elastomer Sleeve and wash with water. Pat dry after washing. The Elastomer Sleeve can be inverted for washing. Invert the Stand Cap to use as a drying stand. Place Elastomer Sleeve on the Stand Cap to air dry. Once dry, revert the Stand Cap to its original state and insert it into the Casing to store. Store in a cool, dry, dark place away from direct sunlight

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